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We have been wholesaling pharmaceuticals for over 35 years and pride ourselves in being compliant with current regulations. We needed to implement FMD in good time and wanted to engage with a company who could provide us not only the technical solution but also be an expert in the overall domain and understand the wholesale business model. FMVerify have been guiding us with implementation of the FMD directive and have shown in-depth knowledge of the subject. Their cloud based technical solution, especially their Rapid scan technology coupled with aggregation is congruent to our business needs and offers additional functions that aids reporting. Their use of cloud technology has removed the burden of upgrading our current IT infrastructure but knowing that they have the experience and knowledge to assist us in the future with smart solutions and integrations, to allows us to develop our strategies.

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About FMVerify

FMVerify is a purpose-built FMD compliant solution, specifically designed by professionals in the medical supply chain industry.

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