A prerequisite for safeguarding against falsified medicines is the assignment of a unique serial number linked to the individual production data (product identification GTIN/NTIN/PPN, expiry date, and batch number) in the form of a Data Matrix Code. Any medicine pack which is destined to be dispensed to a patient will need to have a unique ID in the form of human-readable information, together with a 2D barcode. Serialisation is a process of creating the unique serialisation numbers and barcodes and commissioning them to the European and National hub. Our solution enables a parallel distributor (importer of cross-border medicines for supply in the UK market) to become compliant with FMD by allowing them to create, assign, and log new identities (new serial numbers and bar codes) to medicine packs imported into the UK. Serialisation is tailored to suit different production processes and business models.

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About FMVerify

FMVerify is a purpose-built FMD compliant solution, specifically designed by professionals in the medical supply chain industry.

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