FMVerify is now able to offer aggregation as part of its compliance solution. The module is integrated as part of your verification and serialisation software.

The process of aggregation allows a user to produce a unique identifier for a collection of medicine packs, outer boxes, multiple outer boxes, and pallets. These unique identifiers in the form of a 2D barcode can be used to eliminate multiple scans in the compliance process. In addition, these identities can also be relayed to the customer to inform them of the contents of the consignment. With the discipline and technology involved, aggregation improves operational practices and allows the user to strengthen checkpoints in their processes. This will enable the business to achieve efficiency and an additional level of functional accuracy. Aggregation is a powerful tool for any enterprise that wants to digitise their supplier / customer logistics relationship. The process provides a value-add service to your current suppliers / customers, which enhances your chances of establishing new business relationships. For example, companies with multiple sites are advocating the need for aggregation as part of their business model.

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About FMVerify

FMVerify is a purpose-built FMD compliant solution, specifically designed by professionals in the medical supply chain industry.

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