With guaranteed messaging, support for a wide range of scanners, management reports and user-level security , FMVerify is the perfect choice for verification.

Guaranteed Message Delivery to UK and EU Hub

Ensures all packet information is delivered 100% of the time, by having every message delivery confirmed and a repeat send process in case of message loss. A queuing process ensures you can carry on working if the Internet connection is temporarily lost.

Range of Scanners Supported

Whether you need wired or wireless scanning, multi-scan capabilities, warehouse scale scanning or point of sale scanning, FMVerify has a scanner solution for you. Designed to use your existing scanners to minimise costs, or to work with scanners provided by FMVerify, data capture is quick, simple and accurate.

Multi-Platform Capability

FMVerify is designed to work with Microsoft and Android mobile devices, and a range of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
FMVerify is designed to work with what you have and does not impose solutions on your business infrastructure.

Management Reports

FMVerify is not just about FM compliance, it’s also about YOUR data. Because FMVerify processes all your inbound and outbound regulated medicines data, it can provide various reports including generic usage, batch traceability and more. The reports can also be used as certificates of authenticity for your customers. Make the FMD data work for you.

Solution Support

Your FMD solution is critical for keeping your business running, so FMVerify have a help desk service you can rely on when needed. Issues can be logged by phone, email or your customer portal and a team of support staff will track and action the issues until they are resolved successfully.

Training and Advice

Given the scale of the change FMD compliance creates, FMVerify will ensure you are not undertaking the process of compliance on your own. FMVerify will help you every step of the way, whether you need general assistance, system training, FMD advice, or installation and business change consulting, FMVerify are confident they can help.

Flexible Technology

FMVerify is purpose built for the medicines supply for FMD compliance. We have used the latest technology to make FMVerify scale both upwards and downwards to suit your business needs in reporting, business volume and scanning capabilities.

Approved Supplier

FMVerify has obtained all the approvals necessary to offer an FMD compliance solution. This means FMVerify has demonstrated it has the correct capability, systems rigour and the right level of understanding to provide solutions to the medicines supply chain. FMVerify are confident they are the right partner for you to help with your journey to FMD compliance.

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About FMVerify

FMVerify is a purpose-built FMD compliant solution, specifically designed by professionals in the medical supply chain industry.

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