Dixons Pharma

With the Falsified Medicines Directive upon us from February 2019 we wanted to use our verification and decommissioning requirements to springboard further operational services to our market sector. Our business requires serialization and aggregation functionality.

After consulting with a number of organizations, Codesplice provided us the confidence of a cost-effective serialization implementation path and demonstrated the nuances of this sector. It was welcome to see that an aggregation service was automatically included in the serialization module and their overall product delivery addressed not only the FMD but the complementary services that pharmaceutical/parallel importers may need to offer.

Codesplice through their product FMVerify, FMSerialisation and FMAggregation have been extremely professional throughout the journey so far and have assisted with procurement advice on hardware and compliance standards such as SOP’s and version control.
Pricing was an important factor but also service and we are happy to recommend Codesplice and their FMVerify solution